Born in Perth and currently living on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, Jamie Bean is a student, writer, traveller, and author of the blog Ex Libris Bean. She grew up travelling the country and reading books, and maintains a taste for both discovering new places and literature. She'd much rather stay in a hotel room than a house.

She is currently studying criminology at university, holds a certificate in freelance journalism, and has plans for beginning a law degree. She is working on her debut novel as well as several short stories, and has had multiple articles published to online travel blogs. Her passion lies in creative and travel writing. She adores cats, classic rock, whisky, and makeup, and cannot confirm that these topics will never crop up in her blog posts (they definitely will.)

She has an Instagram at @jamiexbean if you want to stay in the loop. You can also contact her at: exlibrisbean (at) gmail (dot) com.